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Verano (the) Essence B52 Bomber- 3.5g

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Dive into B52 Bomber, a highly sought strain from the Verano library of genetics and sure to be a staple in your repertoire. Renowned for its exceptional quality and now more accessible than ever before, B52 Bomber is a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts – high-energy sativa lovers, in particular. That’s because this sativa-dominant cannabis strain offers a delightful blend of uplifting effects and soothing body relaxation accompanied by a compelling terpene profile with anise and berry notes.

B52 Bomber is a perfect balance between energizing effects and soothing body relaxation. You’ll leave fatigue on the runway and climb through clouds of your own making to a state of heightened focus and vintage cannabis euphoria. B52 Bomber is the perfect companion for those seeking inspiration and a burst of feel-good motivation.


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